About Trackit180


We offer a self-managed vehicle tracking system to monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles on your cellphone or computer in real time or history. Tracking information, which is made possible by a evolutionary communication protocol implemented via he GPRS cellular network , provides coverage of your whereabouts every 10 seconds where ever a GPRS signal is present.made Tracks and trip reports are recorded on a secure acquisition server so you access it anytime from anywhere at no additional cost. With trackit180 eXtreme you can immobilize your vehicle from anywhere using your cellphone or computer. No monthly fees !!


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 LIVE VIEW : With this function you can view/monitor the location and movement of your vehicle at any time from your cellphone or computer. As in this next illustration you can see the speed and distance that you're vehicle is travelling.

Size don't count !
Actual size of unit. 
But of course it comes in a box.  

PLAY BACK : Request a playback up to a month in the past from a certain date and time to a end date and time and the system wil give you an exact playback of the movement of your vehicle on your phone or computer just like in the LIVE VIEW above.


REPORTING SYSTEM : Different reports help with fleet management, you can view the total km that your vehicle has traveled, overspeeding , places where it had stopped for longer than a certain time. 

This function enables you to create a "fence" on your computer in witch the driver must operate. If the driver goes out of this fence you will receive an alarm on your computer warning you of this action.

SPEED LIMIT : You enter a speed limit into the program. Whenever the driver  exceeds this speed limit the data is captured and reported  to you . The path of the vehicle on the computer in “LIVE VIEW” and in “PLAYBACK” will be indicated in red when over speeding occurred. You can also print a detailed report indicating when and where this over speeding occurred.   

Remote vehicle disabling

a Additional function with this system is that you can disable your vehicle with a simple command via your Cellphone (SMS) or via your computer.  It gives you total control over your vehicle and it  prevent anyone from starting the vehicles  therefore ensure that no unauthorized trips can take place.   



With one simple command from your cellphone you can do a system check on the tracker system . Information that you receive from the system is GSM, GPRS,  and GPS status. You can also see in this report if the system battery is charging and it’s charge level and you can see if the immobilizer is activated or not.

BATTERY/SYSTEM TAMPER ALARM : Receive a SMS whenever someone tampers with the vehicles battery or the system.